GLSC’s New Line of Jigs…

…among other things!

Take a minute to check out a few of our new jigs.

We have…

The Mega Marabou series now available.


1/16th oz Shocker Mega Marabou pictured.

The Mega Marabou series layers marabou, creating a larger profile, more movement and enticing color combinations.

Also check out the Creature series.


1/32 oz. Green Lantern Creature pictured.

Our Creature jigs take the classic bugger jig and put GLSC’s spin on it. These look extra buggy!

Last but not least, our Crafty series.


1/16th oz. Shiner Crafty Pictured.

If you haven’t seen how craft fur pulsates underwater, you’re missing out!  The Crafty series offers excellent movement from every little twitch, fish can’t resist!

Curious What These Jigs Look Like Sub-surface?

Don’t be!  We now have short videos of an example of each pattern offered.

Here is Midnight Mega Marabou



Check out the rest of the videos in our Trick Em Jigs In Action section!

Just a quick update for now, I will have more announcements coming in time!

I hope everyone’s winter has been good to them so far, regardless of the frigid temps!  Don’t worry, Spring is on it’s way!

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