A Few Updates…Yes We Are Alive!

As the Great Lakes fishing has transferred to trolling in the open water, so have my fishing efforts.  That being said, I am still working away at gearing up for Fall 2014.  I’m very excited for some new products, new colors and the chrome to return to our rivers!


As for now, I’m chasing our finned friends on the big water aboard the Dixie Dandy.  It’s been an outstanding year so far, I’m excited for whats to come.

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You will notice that I have not been using this page for my fishing reports nearly as often.  There is a reason!  I know that many of my fishing clientele have been following GLSC’s blog.  Well I’d like to officially introduce my new website, Rayno’s Fishing Excursions.

Rayno's Fishing Excursions - 56681 - 01


Here you will find an official home for my guide service and the GLSC blog will be left entirely for updates from the Trick Em’ world as well as your fishing photos.  Take a moment and check it out!

A few things to expect from us over the next couple months!

Our counterparts in Alaska have been whacking trout lately and I expect a few blogs outlining their successes.  How cool is that!


Last but not least, I mentioned new products!


I won’t go into details this early, but I will be updating through the summer on this coming fall.  It’s going to be very exciting!  Expect a few new partnerships and an expansion of products offered.  And yes, I have come up with some new colors!

See ya out there.

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